Merging data with rules.

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Merging data with rules.



I would like to merge data from multiple sources with intention to create one 'golden record'.

I'm looking for some advice how to achive workflow solution that will automatically select and pass fields based on rules.


Example data to merge:

Data Source: 01.xml

 Node ID: 001

 Node Description: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

 Node Photos: 001.jpg, 002.jpg


Data Source: 02.xml

 Node ID: 001

 Node Description: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit

 Node Photos: abc.jpg


Rule for Node Description field: select longest string

Rule for Node Photos: select source with more values (photos)


So after all my 'golden record' should be:

 Node ID: 001

 Node Description: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit

 Node Photos: 001.jpg, 002.jpg


 I'm on Open Studio.





Re: Merging data with rules.


From your description, we have designed a demo job for you.

Let us know if it is OK with you.

Please have a look at my screenshots for details.



Best regards


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