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Merging Talend Projects

I am working on a data integration undertaking and discovered Talend to be used for it. Because of the two of us have been creating jobs for the integration and we have been skeptical to the possibilities of having the project in SVN. We decided to have separated projects for chunks of the database migration. Now most of our projects have one or two jobs but we got a bunch of projects and we have to switch between them. So we thought that there should/might be a way to merge multiple projects into one and have only once to configure some entry parameters.
I would be very grateful for any suggestions. Either tools or moving files and changing files by hand.
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Re: Merging Talend Projects

The simplest way is to using the Export Items function and Import Items into the new target project.
There might be a problem if you export database metadata because the export exports a database connection and it child table metadata ot once and does not allow to merge metadata from the same connection.