Maximum rows permitted on a worksheet been exceeded


This article explains the cause of the problem and offers troubleshooting advice.



You may get the following error when writing records into an Excel file with a tFileOutputExcel component:

Exception in component tFileOutputExcel_1
The maximum number of rows permitted on a worksheet been exceeded

You are trying to insert data into Excel 2003, but the total amount of data is greater than 65536. Excel versions up to 11.0 (Office Excel 2003) had a limitation on the size of each sheet of 64K (216= 65536) rows. For more details, please see this wikipedia article. This is an Excel limitation.



To work around the problem, use one of these solutions:

  • Upgrade Excel to a more recent version, such as Excel 2007, which supports more rows in a single sheet.
  • Output data into several Excel files.
  • Output data into several sheets in the same Excel file.
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