Maven plugin zu support component development

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Maven plugin zu support component development

Hi all,
I had always the same issues with my components in the past:

A huge number of jars are hard to handle and kept updated in the component xml configuration
It is a pain to check if all message properties are existing
release date and version often not correct
In case of multiple components within the same project it was not easy to spread the right jars over the components or delete the outdated jars from them
You cannot see in the studio which component release you use currently and this makes support a bit more tricky.

Now I have found time to tackle this problems. Mostly I use Maven for the more complex components (like my Google components).
I have just published a maven plugin to do this job for me. The plugin is not yet in Maven Central available but you can easily install it to your local repository.
Checkout here the plugin (download link and description inside the home page):
Have a lot of fun!
In case you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.
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Re: Maven plugin zu support component development

Thanks for your sharing to community, jlolling! It is always useful.
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