Map Reduce Components

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Map Reduce Components

Business intelligence tools like Pentaho is providing built in components to compose and run map reduce programs ( such as word count program or web log processing program) using them. Do Talend have any such components?
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Re: Map Reduce Components

How to add Hadoop Map/Reduce components for Talend Open Studio for Big data? Will it work as Talend studio as for subscription-based Talend Studio? Please let me know.
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Re: Map Reduce Components

Hi Nafeesa,
As per my knowledge, Talend Enterprise Editions for Big Data v5.4 have got Map/Reduce components in the palette. Only the licensed versions support this feature.
The detailed comparison matrix is given in the below link:

Re: Map Reduce Components

Here is related forum about Map Reduce Components Forum 31866.
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Re: Map Reduce Components

Hi, Thank you for your reply. I am new to Talend. I have only Open studio for big data.
I have installed Hadoop, sqoop in windows 7 with cygwin.
To simplify my work I thought of using Talend to write mapReduce jobs. So if only licensed versions can support hadoop, I'll try to write java/jars my own. What do you think? I am not a Java person. :-( I am an Oracle DBA :-)

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