Manipulating excel with null values

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Manipulating excel with null values

I am reading an excel spread sheet with the following attributes:


Column A: Date

Column B: Int

Column C String


I then have to perform some manipulation work on each row and output to another excel sheet. One of the things I need to do is test if the input column C is null and if it is, to leave the entire row blank in the output sheet. I have attempted several different variations of using a ternary expression in tMap to accomplish this, but with no luck. I then switch to an if statement, again in the tMap, but also ran into trouble here. Can someone help me with a solution. I am racking my head on this and need someone with more experience to help me get past this hump.

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Re: Manipulating excel with null values

Concatenate all columns and seperate it with a delimiter like ;
this concatenated string is your output if column C is not null / has a value.
in tmap you test for column C ... if not then concat else ";;" empty string
is get the concatenated string back to columns with tNormalize and for item seperator use the ;

Easy... =|;-))