Managing the Column Names of a Delimited Input File

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Managing the Column Names of a Delimited Input File

Hi all,


I have a Talend job that is responsible for reading varied input files/layouts and loading tables in SQL Server.

  • The schema is defined as a dynamic (I'm using the Enterprise version)
  • I have metadata stored in the SQL Server DB on every input to the solution and have tSetDynamicSchema in the Talend job as well


The challenge I am facing is you don't have the "Use existing dynamic" option in tFileInputDelimited, only in tFileInputPositional.

This creates a problem when the header record column names don't match to the expected naming convention that I am storing in the DB as I use the metadata from the first job into the next job and so on.


Is there a workaround for this?

Is there a way to substitute a new header based on my input metadata that I keep in the DB?

Other ideas?


Re: Managing the Column Names of a Delimited Input File


It could be a new feature.

To work with tSetDynamicSchema, components should have the option of "Use existing dynamic" and currently only 2 of our components are supported tfileinputpositional and tfileoutputpositional.

Here exists a new feature jira issue:

Best regards


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