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Managing Contexts and Deployments - TIC

I have about 50 Jobs, some controlled by a Master Job. I want the Child jobs to run under a specific context. I have 3 contexts (DEV,UAT,PROD). I have tried to "Transmit Entire Context" and set the context of the child package etc. My TIC environments match the context names (DEV, UAT, PROD) but it seems I have to manually set the child jobs to the context I need. Has anyone figured out the best practice for this? I have more than 100 variables, and hand setting these after deployment is more painful than updating each child package. Thanks.

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Re: Managing Contexts and Deployments - TIC

Unless I misunderstood your question you just need to select the correct Context inside the Child Job(s).


2018-05-11 11_36_02.png


In the next window you can select any combination of Contexts to use in that job.


2018-05-11 11_37_43.png


Another thing you can use it tContextLoad. You can create another Job that loads Context(s) into a tBufferOutput. Then call that Job from any other Job and load the Context(s) using a tContextLoad.


2018-05-11 11_45_39.png

2018-05-11 11_46_38.png

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Re: Managing Contexts and Deployments - TIC

Thanks Pauly, The tContext Load doesn't seems to work without using a Key-Pairs files, however I will revisit. I think this is something that should be addressed by Talend, it seems slightly ridiculous that I have to change the context manually for each child package, even when I do I still have to change the actual job also. I must be doing something incorrectly. I will continue to investigate this issue.

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Re: Managing Contexts and Deployments - TIC


Be carefull for deployment in TIC !!!

If a job was already published in TIC once, and then you modify contextual variables, and then re-published it: It is possible that Contextual variables in TIC were not updated ... (i don't know if it's still the normal comportment of TIC)


I personnally remove the job in TIC, AND THEN re-publish my job in order to update contextual variable when I need to.

I hope it will help you!