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Making a Sql Union with Talend

I'd like to retrieve data from 2 tables in my database using "UNION".
I tried the tUnit component which is clearly too slow (I have a lot of lines to unit).
So I would like to make a UNION directly in the sql query. The problem is that I can't figure out how to make a query on several tables using a tXXXSqlInput component. (Indeed we have to fill the "table name" so what am I suppose to write there since there's not only one table in my query ?)
Thanks for answers.

Re: Making a Sql Union with Talend

the Table Name can be blank. Its only there to help in generating query's with the "Guess Query" button.
Just slap your SQL in the "Query" text box and everything should work.
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Re: Making a Sql Union with Talend

Thanks for your answer,
I actually found out that the table name is not necessary... By the way, the tUnit component is not so bad after all, I must have used it with the trace the first time, which explains why it was so long Smiley Wink