Make a Talend Job Faster

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Make a Talend Job Faster



I have a job which send a response to a webservice, I need this job to be faster. I don't know if I can change some settings to make this possible.


This is the job: 




I am getting an Id from the webservice



I save this id with tjavarow as a context variable to use it later on the sql query.








I really need to have less microseconds on the response!

If you have some idea I would appreciate it, otherwise I won't be able to use talend to do this webservice!

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Re: Make a Talend Job Faster


First of all, arrange your design for a better lisibility.

It will not change the response time, but it will simplify your life for the future!


It seems, that you use dedicated SQL connections for both tMSSQLInput components.

You should establish 1 connection in a Prejob subjub then, reuse this connection for both tMSSQLInput components.


Hope this helps.