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Mainframe connectivity

Hi all
I am new to talned. i have just started doing R&D in this tool.I want to know whether it is possiable to connect to mainframe and get the values of ISAM files of mainframe out through talned?
please reply...
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Re: Mainframe connectivity

Hi abc_new,
Talend community provides into EcoSystem components having capability to read or write EBCDIC file format from Mainframe platform.
Please visit our EcoSystem and download these components from the studio (view EcoSystem).
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Re: Mainframe connectivity

Are there any other options ? Basically, for my use case, I am trying to connect to a mainframe z/OS. One option is to connect to DB2 which is running on z/OS. I am trying to connect from Talend Enterprise ESB. If there is a JDBC adapter or other approach e.g., managed connection to DB2 on z/OS ?
We are currently using both, Sybase DirectConnect as well as DB2Connect. We intend to move out of these product stacks and move into something which is opensource (not looking for community editions).
Also, for an additional requirement I would like to know if translation to/from ASCII and EBCDIC and vice-versa happens only with tFileInputEBCDIC and tFileOutputEBCDIC. Are there any other options. Again I am considering only enterprise editions of Talend.