MSXML Output

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MSXML Output

Hey Guys,


I'm using the tMSXML Output in my project. I need a special Structure (XML-Tree) in my Output.


As you can see below, I have one attribute for the value and one attribute for the field naming:





If there is a NULL-Value, the first attribute (for the value) is not shown in my XML for a record. The second attribute (for the field naming), will be printed in every case, independently if there is a NULL-Value or not. You can see this in the XML-Output below:



In other words: Field "IDT102" is "4", Field "IDT107" is "4" and Field "IDN108" is "NULL".


Now my question: it is possible to modify the MSXML Component in that way that, if there is a NULL-Value for a field (in the exampe "IDN108"), that the whole row ("value" and "fieldname" will not be printed in the XML. So I want both to disappear if there is a NULL-Value?


Thanks so much for your participation!



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Re: MSXML Output


You can use the tAdvancedFileOutputXML component and uncheck the box Create empty element if needed,create attribute even if its value is NULL options in Advanced Settings.


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Re: MSXML Output


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