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MQ read issue with Talend 6.2.1

we have enterprise talend 6.2.1 and having issue to read message from Websphere MQ using tMomInput component. getting error code as 2035.  we don't have this issue with talend 5.4.1 version.


MQ 2035 error code:


any help is greatly appreciated.



Re: MQ read issue with Talend 6.2.1


Did you export your job from talend 5.4.1 version and import it into enterprise talend 6.2.1?

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Re: MQ read issue with Talend 6.2.1

Yes. we exported from 5.4.1 and imported into 6.2.1

we also tried with simple tmominput and tlogrow components to read the message and it's not working in 6.2.1