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Looping through tparallelize


This is what I am trying to do - I am picking up XXX records to be processed and then call API with X number of records at a time. There are 2 (for example) concurrent API calls are allowed.

To achieve this, I am doing the following:
I am getting count of all records to be processed and getting the count in tJava. 
Based on the allowed number of records that each API call can process, I am setting the variables in tJava (after tLoop).  I am then doing 2 parallel requests with X number of records for each API calls.
In other words, I have to loop and run the jobs in parallel mode till all records are over.
I was trying to use tJava/tJavarow to manage the context variables based on which I was incrementing the variable to get the right record set, that should be sent each time to the branch.
I am trying with tLoop iterate to tParallelize and I need the variables to be initialized in between for each run. I am not able to achieve this. tJava will not let me connect to tParalleize with Row iterate. What are my options. I will be happy to clarify more.


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Re: Looping through tparallelize

I was able to achieve this through tparallelize and then using tloop. However the issue that I see with tParallelize is that we do not know if the same set of records will be picked up by more than one branches, unless we put specific records to be processed for each branch. If you have any suggestion, please let me know.