Loop On Error?

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Loop On Error?

Is there a good way to make a component loop back and re-execute on an error? And beyond that, control the number of re-executions?

We have some connections to REST services in our environment that seem to be "spotty" at certain times of the day, but a quick retry usually resolves them. Rather than having an entire job fail, I'd like to loop back once or twice to retry the connection before failing outright.

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Re: Loop On Error?

You can certainly do this, but there is no standard functionality supporting this I am afraid. The best way (of the top of my head) of handling this is to have a tLoop controlling this. Ensure that you simply have a tLoop, the component you are using for your service call and an output (db, tHash, file, etc). Base the looping on the success or failure of the service call.

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Re: Loop On Error?

Hi Mike,


Did you ever figure this out? I am trying to do the same, there seem to be no right way for this.




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