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Looking for a replacement for SSIS

We are looking for a replacement for SSIS for several issues that we currently running into. We are curious if Talend meets these requirements and is an acceptable replacement.
We have complex business rules that are part of our transformation process from XML inputted data into a MS-SQL server DB. The data that needs to be processed in "real-time" consists of data for a single user composed of 10 different types of data (coming from an XML data message). Two of these data types contain most of the data and may contain upward of a couple hundred records. Hence we are viewing the process as running micro-batches of information. SSIS foot print (startup and overhead time is too great for this to be a real-time solution for us.) We are looking for another ETL tool that can meet are requirements.
1) can be run programmatically
2) can run distributed transactions (our staging db is on a different server than our production DB).
3) is fast. Want to do our transforms in real-time i.e, 5-10 sec (or less) for a moderate size dataset.
4) run many concurrent users. Since we are trying to have real-time processing of the data while a user is active we can have upwards of 250 concurrent users so we are looking for an ETL tool that can fit this requirement both from a memory resource and DB connection (i.e., don't want to run out of resources or get DB deadlock issues)
5) Support for MS-SQL Server
How does Talend do across these requiremenst?
Does Talend produce a java program that can be tuned to our needs or our we running some form of interpretted process (like SSIS)?
Thanks for Your help.
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Re: Looking for a replacement for SSIS

Do anyone have a study/comparison between Talend and SSIS?
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Re: Looking for a replacement for SSIS

Hi all,

Do anyone have a document on comparison between SSIS and Talend and how it is?
Thanks for your help.
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Re: Looking for a replacement for SSIS

I processed XML which is very complex which has many looping elements. I used to process both in SSIS , TALEND i believe processing XML File in Talend is good we can retrieve every looping element to form into a single record.
Problem with Talend is we need to have good not strong knowledge on Java as well as XML to process this kind of complex XML FILES.