Login , get and logout us

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Login , get and logout us



Need help in resolving the below issue in talend open studio.


I have a requirement where I need to fetch data though REST calls.  


1) In the  first post request, i invoke a login request using a username and password as json body parameters

2) once successful login response is received the next set of  requests is to fetch data (in that request no authentication information is passed)

3) finally a request to log off from the server.


Job Design 

One  tRESTClient to post the login request "on component ok" issue the next REST call in another tRESTClient

When the login request is sent ,I received the login successful response but when I invoke the next REST call to fetch data from the server  I get authentication errors.


I am assuming is the session data is not retained after login .


Note:- I tested the web calls through Postman and it works as expected. 


Please Help.


Re: Login , get and logout us


Thanks for posting your issue on forum.

Could you please post your job design screenshot on forum which will be helpful for us to understand your work flow and job requirement?

Best regards


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Re: Login , get and logout us

Please refer attached  png file