Logging in Talend

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Logging in Talend

Hello Team,


Currently i have an ETL job , it logs errors of varying kinds like :


a>Column not present

b>Data Type mismatch etc.


In Project Properties i have logged the same to a database table but it does not give a relevant desired message as above instead gives success/failure etc.How can we log the exact error of the screen?



Arvind Jha

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Re: Logging in Talend

If you want to catch errors and exceptions, have a look to tLogCatcher. You wo find many topics on this forum regarding how to proceed with this component.

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Re: Logging in Talend

There is a lot that you can do with the Talend Activity Monitoring Console (AMC). I have written a couple of tutorials on this starting here: https://www.rilhia.com/tutorials/talend-activity-monitoring-console-amc