Logging, Exception handlng

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Logging, Exception handlng

I would like to do logging & exception handling in my jobs. Can you plz suggest which components can I use over here. Is there any way of making it generic for all the jobs? 


Re: Logging, Exception handlng


Please take a look at talend Stats&Log feature.

Stats&log in project setting, which is working on the whole project (Parent job and child jobs, and output them on file/DB but no context setting).
Stats&log in job view is working on the current job (you should set Stat&log of job view in both parent job and child jobs and output them on file/DB with context setting).
Or you can choose to write the Exceptiontext into file or Database.

In addition, it can be also achieved by using tStatCatcher/tLogcatcher component(tStatCatcher/tLogcatcher-->further processing-->output)

Let us know if it is Ok with you.

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