Log details on files copied [tFileCopy]

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Log details on files copied [tFileCopy]

Hello folks,


I have 2 environments, namely qualification and recette

Contexts are configured for each one of them


The last part of my job simply copy files from one folder to another on the same machine.





When i run on qualification, all the files are copied successfully but on recette nothing has been copied.

context.archiveSentDir + context.currentDateTime + "/" has already been tested; i have retrieved the file path and it looks good.







Is there a way i can check what is wrong?

Or how to use the global variable of tFileCopy component?




Thank you for your help.


Best regards,


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Re: Log details on files copied [tFileCopy]

Are you sure of context.integrationDir value for both environments?

When you run the job for "recette" context, is the counter value associated to the Iterate link displayed?

If not, this meens no file has been selected by tFileList.

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Re: Log details on files copied [tFileCopy]

Thank you for your attention.
The problem was with the permission on the environment side. The issue was resolved.

Best regards,