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Log and Meter table creation in DB

If I click on "stats and logs" on "jobs tab" I can see three check boxes use statistics,use logs,use volumetrics and when I click on "On Databases" it ask for "Stats table" "logs table" and "Meter table" if I use any databases Oracle/Mysql
and when I run the job only "stats table" is getting created other two tables are not created in database.
In my job I am reading from oracle DB and writing to tLogRow.
what configuration has to be done so that "logs table", "Meter table" and metadata about "logs table" and "Meter table" is created in DB?

Re: Log and Meter table creation in DB

Statistics table records details like begin Time, End Time which is generated by any job.
Logs table records the messages from Java Exception, tDie and/or tWarn (prerequisite: there must be an error in your job).
Flow Meter table records the number of rows processed in the defined flow(prerequisite: you have to use tFlowMeter in your job)
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