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Log Messages for Talend Jobs in Unix Server

I am creating jobs using TOS for Bigdata 5.3.1, exporting jobs to a unix machine and exeuting them there.
I am unloading data from a RDMS table and moving it into HDFS.
I can see the logs and statistics like (Job Start Time,Job End time, Rows/Sec etc) without using any of the Logs&Erros plugins in the Windows GUI windows (Job Run and Design Windows).
Will these job execution details be generated when the jobs are executed in Unix also? If so where will they be available and can they be redirected to any file using CLI commands?
I am exporting my job as Autonomus jobs and running them on the Unix machine.
Please let me know - Thanks.
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Re: Log Messages for Talend Jobs in Unix Server

When the job are export and executed out of Studio on any type of system, you should get the same message printed on the window as you see them on the console when it is executed in Talend Studio. You can redirect the message on the console to a log file thanks to a custom component called tRedirectOutput, for more information about this component, please read
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