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Loading target based on condition

Hi Team,


I have a table(target) which has 5 rows , one of the column  name:slno have values   (12,13,14,34,56), I need to load data from my source table to target based on the max  value of target. example 

if in the source table for slno column values are (12,13,14,34,56,88,89,90,99) then only (88,89,90,99) values should go to target (along with all rows), basically I need to find max from target and based on that I need to load rows after that value.

Not able to figure out how to do, I heard of using tsetglobalvar, but no luck.


please help.

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Re: Loading target based on condition

Have you tried tfilterrow?  You can also do this with t(YourDB)Input and write your own select query.  You can also set a filter in tMap.