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Loading files from classpath instead of file system

I want to create a job as a webservice to deploy it on an application server.
The job will query a database and generate an Excel output.
The tFileOutputExcel component allows to specify an excel file which already has the header and layout information. Nice.
To be compliant with J2EE specifications, I cannot use a filessystem path.
I 'm thinking of some tResourceInput component to fetch a file as an input stream and to make tFileOutputExcel accept an input stream for the template.
Writing the result to an output stream is already possible.
Is there a way to get this template Excel from the classpath or an URL so I can package the excel template together with the job or in a separate war ?
Thanks in advance for any help.
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Re: Loading files from classpath instead of file system

try this component , It may be helpful for you