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Loading data with multiple nested loops in MongoDB

Hi Everybody
I need to load a join of multiple dimension tables into the mongoDB.
Example: users, addresses, telecomdata, ...
<user>Harry Potter</user>

One user can have muliple addresses and multiple telecomdata.
The normal tMongoDBoutput component does not support the use of multiple nested loops.
So I cannot directly load my data from the tables to the MongoDB....
I used the tXMLMap component which is able to fix the multiple loop issue but the output of this component is a data set with 1 column (xml) and contains the whole xml string for every record.

How can I load the output of the tXMLMap into the MongoDB without having to use the tMongoDBbulkLoad component (create xml >> convert to json >> load to mongo using bulkload) because it handles a lot of records > flat file needed for bulkload would be too big , + 2GB.
Thanks for your help!
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Re: Loading data with multiple nested loops in MongoDB

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