Loading Data into EMC InfoArchive (xdb)

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Loading Data into EMC InfoArchive (xdb)

Hello gurus, 
I'm new to Talend and trying to run a proof of concept to use Talend Open Studio for Big Data to :
1) Extract data from a SQL Database;
2) Transform extracted data into an XML file; and
3) Load XML file into EMC InfoArchive (xDB)
I am following below steps :
However, the guide is using an activity name txDBPut - which I can not find in the Talend Studio
Can someone help pls.

Re: Loading Data into EMC InfoArchive (xdb)

We don't find txDBPut component in both Talend studio and Talend Exchange Portal.
So far, there is no connector for EMC InfoArchive in talend studio.
Here is a custom component tsipcreator which is used to generate SIP packages for ingestion to EMC InfoArchive. 

Best regards
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