Load multiple tables in a single job

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Load multiple tables in a single job

My requirement is to load multiple tables from one DB into another (say from Oracle to Teradata). Each Tables have different schema and have no transformations whatsoever in between before loading them into target db (in this case teradata). I heard something like dynamic data type shall be used for such requirements. Can someone elaborate me, if such a scenario be realized using talend, if so how can the same be done. Just a data flow on how to do would suffice?


Re: Load multiple tables in a single job


With talend open studio, you have to create all jobs to map each view/table manually because the schema of each view/table is different, and the schema must be defined at design time.

The "dynamic schema" feature will be available in talend subscription solution.

Here is a scenario in this article:https://community.talend.com/t5/Troubleshooting-Development/How-to-process-changing-data-structure/t...

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