Load multiple files into multiple aws redshift tables

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Load multiple files into multiple aws redshift tables

Hello all,

This could be a repeated question for the community but the existing question didn't met my requirement and also some old question were linked to documentation which are now deprecated

My use case requirement is simple
In a folder i have multiple csv files (suppose 200) and i need to read all those files and save them to aws redshift database 
for example 
A.csv >>>> A(redshift table)
Similarly every csv would be creating a  new aws redshift table

Problem is the structure of the file keeps on changing and every time i load the file i drop table and create table as per new file structure 

How can i automate this and secondly how can i create a single job to perform these operations since i file csv count would keep on increasing 

Please let me in case of any further inputs are required
Ankit khanduri


Re: Load multiple files into multiple aws redshift tables


Talend dynamic schema feature allows you to design schema with an unknown column structure (unknown name and number of columns).

Please take a look at this article about:https://community.talend.com/t5/Troubleshooting-Development/How-to-process-changing-data-structure/t...to see if it is what you are looking for.

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