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Load SQL Server table in HIVE with tSqoopImport - How To?

Dear All.

I'm trying to read a SQL Server table and load it on a Hive table. I can see that tSqoopImport component can handle an ingestion phase but I cannot achieve the goal to load the data direcly in a Hive table.

I can accomplish the task outside Talend using the sqoop tool with this statement:

sqoop import --connect "jdbc:sqlserver://;database_name=STG"  --username myuser  -password mypassword --query "select  * from STG.dbo.MYTABLE where \$CONDITIONS" --target-dir /tmp/loadSqoop --hive-import  --create-hive-table  --hive-table testbigdata.myhivetable  --split-by myid 

But cannot find anything similar in Talend.

I've extensively searched across the community forum and googled around too with no luck

Any idea?

Is this possible or do I have to change my job behaviour?




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Re: Load SQL Server table in HIVE with tSqoopImport - How To?



You can import data direct into Hive table - use advanced settings of Sqoop component for additional settings, but You can not import in other than text format. So if You want import into tables in Parquet, You must:

- import into text format table

- create parquet table (tHiveRow)

- insert into new_tavble select * from old_table


screenshots not available because weekend and no access to Hive till Monday, but it work