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Load Postgis layer in Qgis

Hi, I have an error using Qgis-Titan to load the layer imported with SDI.
Error message is :
"Column the_geom in "public"."boundaries" has a geometry type of GEOMETRY,
which Qgis does not currently support."
Any help appreciated.
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Re: Load Postgis layer in Qgis

Hi Sean, this is a problem in QGis which doesn't support Type = "Geometry" in PostGis. I've the same problem using Titan, maybe it's different in latest release ?
To fix the problem, you need to define in sPostgisOutput component the geometry type (ie. Point, LineString, Polygon, Multi*...) according to your input geometries and not use the generic Geomtry type if you plan to use Qgis.
HTH. Francois
PS : type = "Geometry" is well supported by uDig.
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Re: Load Postgis layer in Qgis

QGIS does not support Geometry' Type in Titan or in lastest release, and it is not suppose to change for the next release. It could be implemented but it is not "important".