Limit iteration on tfilelist

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Limit iteration on tfilelist



I have a tfile list component that get files from an ftp directory which contains hundreds files. But i want only one file (the most recent), it is possible to limit the number of iteration of my tfilelist  to only one, instead of hundreds?


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Re: Limit iteration on tfilelist

If you select "Order by - Modified date descending" in your tFileList component, then you can then use a tSampleRow to get the first record returned which will be the most recent file.

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Re: Limit iteration on tfilelist



The previous answer is wrong,


I had a similar problem and found a trick,

tFilelist ---- Iterate ---- tJava (nothing or logs) ---- Run if (((Integer)globalMap.get("tFileList_1_NB_FILE")) == 1) ----- tFileCopy

For other files, the tFileCopy is ignored.


If this helps somebody..



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