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License token will expire in 9 days.

Morning, we have started to recieve the following warning within Talend
We have a Simultaneous user licence for 7 users which should not expire until 2011 according to the Expired on date displayed in the admin console.
I have tried to generate a validation request and click the link and i get incorrect input parameter

Re: License token will expire in 9 days.

Please create a bugtracker and submit a support ticket for this. There are not enough details here to determine the problem, but it seems like maybe a problem with the license.
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Re: License token will expire in 9 days.

i found this tricks and works
the link is too long and the browser can't navigate to
just copy link in to TXT, trunk first part and put it in to the browser
www talend com / api / get_tis_validation_token_form php
now cut and past only the cypted part of link in the box