LDAPOutput to remove user from groups

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LDAPOutput to remove user from groups

I am trying to figure out if there is any automated way to handle this usecase:
I am performing LDAP query and getting the user and their groupmembership from AD using LDAPInput component
LDAPInput components
Then i am doing the tmap to switch as below

dn  -->member
memberOf --> dn
why i am switching it, because AD is not allowing to remove groupmembership from user (using apache studio), so trying to remove in the reverse way
Then when i use the LDAPOutPut component. Below is the configuration

Everything  works fine when we have one groupmembership for a user
But lets take an example
If the user has 2 or more groupmembership, then It is failing with below error

connecting to socket on port 3349
dn    memberOf
Job Termination_Group_Handling ended at 16:25 27/07/2015.

I think i know why i am getting the error because the DN is kind of multivalued attribute now after you perform tmap

Is there any better way to remove user from group ? Any help is appreciated here.
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Re: LDAPOutput to remove user from groups

Hi lkv
Maybe you can try to iterate each groupmembership and delete it one by one, because it works if there is only one groupmembership for a user.
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