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LDAP and SVN configuration 6.3.1 RT Big Data

We are installing 6.3.1 RT Big Data. We configured LDAP and we can successfully add users. However, corporate LDAP does not manage the svn accounts. We need to manually enter the svn login and password after the user is added to TAC. On the add user tab, svn login is inactive. When we go to user setting, the svn login and password are inactive. At the bottom of the page we see "This user was created using LDAP. Not allowed to change settings in TAC." 
Under 6.1.1, we would create a user from LDAP, and then fill in the svn credentials manually. How do we manually add the svn credentials for each user in 6.3.1?

Re: LDAP and SVN configuration 6.3.1 RT Big Data

So far, User settings shouldn't allow to modify SVN/Git user and / or password when LDAP is in use.
When there is a change in Active Directory, the change is not propagated in TAC.
The new behaviour in 6.3.1 prevent to use the user setting TAC menu option to change the SVN/GIT credentials.
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Re: LDAP and SVN configuration 6.3.1 RT Big Data

We are aware that the new behavior is as you describe. However, that new behavior in 6.3.1 broke production. If we try to upgrade from 6.1.1 to 6.3.1 then all of our developers can no longer access their projects and jobs. This was a really stupid design feature. Is there a workaround for this problem that allows us to manually update the svn credentials?