LDAP Request not working, can't access LDAP users

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LDAP Request not working, can't access LDAP users

I would like to catch all the user of an LDAP (and info of them).
I did an LDAP connection, works well,but can't access to LDAP users.
My job:

So this is my job, I'm trying to test my request, to see if they works and if I can get info/users from the LDAP.
Here I tried to put them on a file to register.
Whatever I do, no request works, and I end up with 0 row all the time.
I'm pretty sure I did something wrong, low amount of exemple of this component on internet, but can't find what.

(There is more folder, you can't see them all on the screen)
As you can see my LDAP contain User in OU in OU, this may be the explanation of my problem.
Thanks in advance.

Re: LDAP Request not working, can't access LDAP users

From your screenshots, we see that there is no any connector(onsubjobok or onComponentOk) between your tLDAPConnection and tLDAPInput.
Could you please take look at it? Without the connector, the data cannot be directed from the LDAP.
Best regards
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Re: LDAP Request not working, can't access LDAP users

Thank you for the fast answer.
Unfortunately it was just a test, it doesn't works with the link on.
(By the way, I'm using the 5.4 version of Talend)
Few questions more questions :
On the tLDAPConnection, as long as the host, port, user, password are correct, I can put any base DN (correct or not) and the component still work and makes no error! So finally, there is no way I can test the connection works well ?!
After looking on the code of the component and looking on java library, found that the filter of the tLDAPInput component can be set as null to catch all attributes but this makes an error.
In the tLDAPInput code, here is the function that search for what we ask for :
javax.naming.NamingEnumeration answer_tLDAPInput_1 = ctx_tLDAPInput_1
                                .search("", null, searchCtls_tLDAPInput_1);
As you can see the first parameter of the function is "" (empty string), but it is supposed to be name of the context ! Is this a bug or is the component working like this ? ( If it's the case how can it find the right place to search the attributes ??)

Any explaination about this ? Any solution for my global problem (Get the attributes of my LDAP) ?
Thanks in advance.


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