Karaf : Command not found : job:list

Hello, i'm trying to deploy and run a service using Karaf (i'm following the Talend Tutorials for ESB). I've got a problem with the "job:" commands : none of them could be found : if i try to execute job:list or job:start commands, Karaf give me the error message : Command not found : job:list, and job<TAB> doesn't list any commands.
Am I missing something there ? Like a bundle i have not installed ? The 'list' command is working correctly.
Thanks for the help


Re:Karaf : Command not found : job:list

which Talend ESB version did you use? the job:* commands don't exist anymore from TESB 5.2.* (if I remember correctly), you can use cxf:* and camel:* to manipulate the services/routes which deployed into Talend Runtime.

Re:Karaf : Command not found : job:list

Hi, i am using Talend ESB 5.2.2 (TIS); so instead of job:list and job:start i should use cxf:list-endpoint and cxf:start-endpoint. Noted.
There is a warning message about this tutorial not correct for 5.0+ version of the studio, but on the english version only, not on the French version that i used. It would be a good idea to add a warning.