Kafka Output

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Kafka Output

Is there a way to find out if the tKafkaOutput component successfully posted the message to kafka?

I tried posting a message to a topic which does not exist and I just got a warning but the component executed fine

I also tried posting message to a broker which does not exist, the component just waited for some time (timeout) and then successfully completed

I have to execute different sub-jobs in case of success and error.


Any ideas?


Re: Kafka Output


Do you mean that the topic name you want to publish messages to doesn't exist? And you can still post a message to it without error? Could you please indicate on which build version you got this issue?

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Re: Kafka Output

I am saying that when I post a message to a topic which does not exist, I only get a warning in the console and the job does not error out.

In case of timeouts, I don't even see a warning, it looks as if the message posted successfully...

I want to know if there is any error handling capabilities in the Kafka components in Talend? How do you know in the job that the message posted successfully or not?