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Junit Testcases for Talend Job

Hi ,,
I am new to talend.I have some doubts about unit testing for talend job.
1)Where i need to integrate new testcase class.
2)Is there is any jar file require? if it so, where i need to integrate?
Please clarify my doubts.
thanks in advance
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Re: Junit Testcases for Talend Job

I put up a blog post on using JUnit with Talend Open Studio. This is testing Routines. I'm not extending TestCase or using @Test, but I am using the Assert.* functions.
You will need a JAR file for JUnit to call a TestSuite. Use the tLibraryLoad component to access the JAR file from within a job. Call the suite from a tJava.

Re: Junit Testcases for Talend Job

Thanks for the good blog post walkerca!