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Join two tMap flows

Hi All,
I am trying to join two output tMap flows and haven't succeeded yet. I wanted to know if this is possible or may be I should redesign my job flow. This is my use case:
In the job flow below, the tNormalize(tNormalize_2) normalizes a field and then perform a lookup on the unique normalized values. I have some other computation in the tMap (tMap_4) in case i dont find a match in my lookup.
Once this lookup is completed I need to join back to the tNormalized output (tNormalize_2) so that I can output the lookup value got earlier and the remaining fields at the tNormalize.
For this purpose I put a tMap (tMap_5) basically to create two similar flows - one which does the lookup and the other that could be used to join after the lookup (ie after tMap_4). This is where I am stuck as I am not able to join two tMap flows. I tried using both tMap and tJoin to join them but it doesn't work.
Here's an example of what I am trying to achieve:
tNormalize_2 output:
1 fam
2 ffn
7 bbz
7 fam
This is replicated into two flows by tMap_5 - One goes to tUniqRow_2
tUniqRow_2 acts on the second field to generate:
tMap_4 does a lookup from the db and generates a default if the lookup fails such as:
fam 1
ffn 2 (default value)
bbz 3
This has to join to the other output flow of tMap_5 so that I can finally output: How can this be done?
1 1
2 2
7 3
7 1
I really appreciate any help here.
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Re: Join two tMap flows

You cannot split flows and then rejoin them later; search the forum for "cycle" for many many posts on this.
You have to instead store the data temporarily to a table, file or hash to re-read in a subsequent subjob.
Having said that, why do you need to tUnique in the first place? Why can't you just do the lookup in tMap5?