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Jobs creation SalesForce to sql server.

I am new to Talend and it's my firt post here, i have two question and any help from you would be much appreciated,
So, i must create a Job that insert or update a Sql server table from SalesForce table.
But i don t know how to distinguish between insert or update.
Second , how can i unify the character encoding between (salesforce and sql server) because when i migrate data , there is a bad interpretation of character.
10000 Millions thanks.
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Re: Jobs creation SalesForce to sql server.

first thing : you probably chose the wrong forum, this one is related to the creation of new -custom- components, so you may have better chances if you post your questions in the usage forum.
This said, the difference between an insert and update is the following :
- an insert add a record (or tries to) regardless from the fact that that record already exists in the target table
- an update uses a key to identify if the same record already exists in the target table and in that case, it updates is
- an update/insert tries first to update the record, if it does not exist it adds it to the target table
So, choosing the correct update strategy is normally relevant to the way you manage your target table.
I.e. if you truncate it each time befor load, then insert will be your choice, instead, if you can have records coming from your flow already in the target table, you normally want to go for a update/insert.
Hope it helps.
For the char set thing... it might be a tricky thing to solve.
Never used Salesforce, I guess you can specify a charset/collation in the connection, might be possible in sql server too.