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Hi all,


What is the useage of trigger input and trigger output components in joblets and how can i use them.


i read few docs on them and googled but couldn't understand how they work.


Can anyone who know about these components can explain what they exactly do?





Re: Joblets


We are supposing that you have already read online document about:TalendHelpCenter:How to launch a Joblet.

The Trigger Input component is only to be used if there is a flow coming from the main Job that should be used in the joblet, and the Trigger output component is only to be used if there is a flow going out of the joblet that needs be used in the main Job. You can remove either or both of them as needed.

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Re: Joblets

Trigger input is like a USB power socket to your mobile phone, where you provide charging to your mobile. using triggerinput you can pass the generic data (folder paths, passwords etc ) required for the joblet, and triggeroutput is like an audio jack of your mobile where it will provide output from the joblet back to the job.


Hope you are clear now Smiley Happy Smiley Happy 

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