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Joblet disappears and cannot be re-imported

I am relatively new to Talend. After a couple of week break to work on another task, one of my joblets disappeared from the studio. I checked and it was still on disk in the project folder (using local repository). I tried re-importing it from that folder but the studio complained it already exists in the tree. Tried importing from another folder (my backup). There is no error but the joblet cannot be found anywhere. Tried the search utility to see if it is in another folder and it is not. I don't want to have to re-create the joblet and would much prefer to re-import it and continue development.
Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem?
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Re: Joblet disappears and cannot be re-imported

Have you tried to restart studio? If the problem still exists, open the studio with another workspace, and import all items from your backup.
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