JobLets - OpenStudio ESB

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JobLets - OpenStudio ESB

My current service has become a little too big. I understand there is something called "JobLets" which is available on the Enterprise version only. 


Is there something similar which is available for the OpenStudio ESB version? 


DI OpenStudio version has tRunJob available which unfortunately does not work with services setup in OpenStudio ESB via tRestRequest.


I am trying to organize/ reuse some code. Any suggestions welcome.

Thank you.

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Re: JobLets - OpenStudio ESB

Edit: Never mind, you already said tRunJob does not work for your use case so the below does not apply.


You can have a parent job execute a child job as many times as you want.  See the tRunJob component.  Define the parent job and child jobs in different files.  This document might be a good starting point:

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