Job execution / Execution Plan

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Job execution / Execution Plan

Hi All,
My first post in talent.
I am from Informatica/ODI background and I am looking for the following function:
If there are hundreds of jobs/mappings
SDE (Source Dependent Extract) what is loading from different version of JDE/EBUS/SIEBEL/... whatever to a staging area and (always truncated the target table, incremental or full)
SIL (Source Independent Extract) what is loading from the staging to the DWH (facts/dimensions)
all have source-target definitions in the mapping/job (the system knows what is the source and what is the target table).
Is there any way to make an execution plan generated by talend to control the load or I have to manually setup the workflow?
Like there are 3 SDE jobs
SDE1: Account Master (from JDTable1 to W_ACCOUNT_DS)
SDE2: Journals (from JDTable2 to W_JOURNAL_FS)
SDE3: Products (from JDTable3 to W_PRODUCT_DS)
These SDE jobs can run all in parallel
SIL jobs:
SIL1: Dim Account (From W_ACCOUNT_DS to W_ACCOUNT_D)
SIL2: Fact Journal (From W_JOURNAL_FS/W_ACCOUNT_D/W_PRODUCT_D to W_JOURNAL_F) using lookups to the dimensions
SIL3: Dim Product (From W_PRODUCT_DS to W_PRODUCT_D)
So SIL1 and SIL3 can go parallel but SIL2 should run after SIL1 and SIL3
How it is possible to handle in Talend? Do I have to setup the whole process manually?

Re: Job execution / Execution Plan

It seems you are looking for "Parallel" mechanism in talend.
Please see the component reference Talend helpCenter:tParallelize.
Forum 28450 Talend Architecture
You'd better go to talend tutorial to learn how to use talend.
In addition that, we have provided training course
Hope above info is useful for you. Feel free post your issue on forum.
Best regards
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