Job design with rollbacks at parent job

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Job design with rollbacks at parent job



I have 3 jobs sons and 1 parent to insert data in the  the same database.  Job1, Job2, Job3 and JobParent. Each job's got more than one output

Here I want to do in JobParent:     


 tRun(Job1) ---on sub job ok-->  tRun(Job2)----on sub job ok---> tRun(Job3)

    | on error                                      | on error                                   | on error

rollback                            rollback Job2 and Job1             rollback Job3, Job2 and Job1  


The problem is that when the rollbacks have to execute they don't work and as a consequence the integration fails.

 Any idea of how can I resolve my problem with the rollbacks?

Thanks for your help!

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Re: Job design with rollbacks at parent job

You can try to define connection in parent Job and use this connection from Child Jobs (I not test this)


You can re-design it as single Job with all logic inside.


But in any case - seriously think. All look like You are will have very long transaction and this is direct way to deadlocks and database errors (like out of memory and etc). 

Make transactions as much smaller as possible.
Manage transaction inside single Job
Check status of previous operation in next Job and finish work if previous transaction no successful.



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