Job conductor fails with error when trying to generate a Job

Talend Version    6.3.1


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Product Talend Big Data
Component Talend Administration Center
Problem Description

Job conductor fails when trying to generate a Job, with the following error in the Client Log:

Error: 'Generate' can't be done: In the execution task "XXX", the context "Default" does not exist for the specified job or is not set, check it!
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Solution or Workaround
  1. Stop your TAC.

  2. Empty the folders TalendInstall\tac\apache-tomcat\temp and TalendInstall\tac\apache-tomcat\work.

  3. Restart TAC.

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This actually forces an new check out of the whole project in the TAC. This is a time consuming task.

It looks like the TAC has a problem with huge projects. One solution is to reduce the projects size by splitting the project.

I had a project with about 70 jobs - no problem at all and a project with 800 jobs  - always a problem. We have split to project into 3 different projects and now the TAC works more reliable (more - not 100%!) but the situation is much better than before.