Job Server role in Talend ESB

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Job Server role in Talend ESB

With Talend ESB Enterprise I have available both Talend Runtime (ESB) and Job Server process. Of course there is not Job Conductor to manage the jobs (ETL) in ESB only subscription, but in general what is the role of Job Server there at all. Isn't everything running in Talend Runtime?
So in general what is the role and possible scenario of Job Server usage with Talend ESB? 
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Re: Job Server role in Talend ESB

No one can answer me why there is Job Server in Talend ESB Enterprise?
To me it doesn't make sense much as soon as even when I create a job as service (not route under mediation view using Camel) I deploy the result in Talend ESB runtime which is extended Karaf OSGI container.
Or this is for scenarios where I for example could deploy long-running process in DI and let is start from Service asynchronously? Is there even in Studio develop pure DI job type? I need to check.
Thanks for confirmation on this.

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