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Job Parallelization by multi thread execution and parallel Iterates


I'm trying to run multiple jobs in parallel by parallel Iterates and multiple

tRunJobs as child jobs with TOS6.3.0, however exec time is not as

shortened as I expect.

Here is a brief explanation of what the parent and child jobs do:

The target files are 8 archive files, the jobs firstly extract these

archive files and then process each file included in them according to

its header record(2 cases).  Please see the attached images of

the parent and child jobs.

I try to do those jobs above mentioned with 8 Iterations(every archive file)

and enabling multi thread execution of both parent and child jobs on an

environment of sufficient memory(no out of memory in fact) and 8 CPUs,

but exec time is shortened to only 80% of non-multi thread execution with

single Iteration...

tFileCopy_1 and tFileUnarchive_1 in the child job are executed in parallel

and exec time of only these 2 components seems to be as shortened as

I expect, they work well in parallel, but the rest of the child job doesn't seem to

work as well in parallel as I expect...

Could anyone kindly let me know what is wrong in my parent and child jobs?

Thanks in advance.




Parent JobParent JobChild Job extraChild Job extraChild Job wholeChild Job whole