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Java Skills needed for Talend ?

Hello Guys,
Do i Need some Java Skills to use Talend and for Debugging some Errors  
Does anybody have still skills with Talend and is able to answer on  my question. ?
thanks fo helping
best regards John s.
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Re: Java Skills needed for Talend ?

Hi John,
You don't *have* to have Java skills to use Talend......but it helps a lot in debugging and opens several doors to you when required functionality is not provided in a component. Lots of people start without Java and end up getting a reasonable level of experience just from making use of the tool. I would consider Talend without Java like the difference between a train and car. With a train (no Java), you can get from A to Z.....but only when the train is scheduled and by the routes provided by the train. With a car (with Java), you can go to wherever you want, whenever you want.
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Re: Java Skills needed for Talend ?

In theory Talend can be used by anyone without much Java experience. However it really depends on what you intend to do with it. 
So far we have provided talend guests with talend-on-demand-training which complete hands-on training using a full version of the Talend product with live remote assistance.
Best regards
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