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Java 1.8 syntax

Hi all,


I'm trying to generate a job in TAC which includes some Java 1.8 lambda syntax code. It compiles and runs nicely in Studio, but whenever I try to generate it on TAC, I get this error:


Lambda expressions are allowed only at source level 1.8 or above


TAC is running on Java 1.8 as well, so I wonder why it doesn't accept the new syntax.


Any insights?


Re: Java 1.8 syntax


Are you using the same Java 1.8 build version on both your studio and TAC? Could you please check  if the release a JDK 8 is with lambdas or without?

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Re: Java 1.8 syntax

Yeah, I made sure the exact same version and patch level of JDK are both on the local machine and TAC.

I'm not sure though if there are Java 1.8 releases with support for lambda syntax explicitely excluded - and if there are, I don't know how to check that.